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Three more topic maps posted today covering the period from 3rd to 5th December 1661.

Events modelled for 3rd December 1661

  • Samuel sits for Mr. Savill
  • Samuel visits the Wardrobe
  • Samuel and Henry Moore go to the Temple to work on Pepys' legal business. I have assumed here that this is the Chancery bill against Tom Trice.
  • Samuel dines with Lady Montagu and Lady Wright.
  • Samuel travels to the Navy Office by boat.
  • Sam returns home.

Events for 4th December 1661:

  • Samuel travels to Whitehall with Williams Batten and Penn. Samuel reports seeing the body of a man who drowned the previous day. This is recorded as a separate death event.
  • Samuel goes to the Temple to deal with the surrender of Sturtlow.
  • Samuel and others dine at the 3 Tuns.
  • After dinner, Sam takes a boat to Cheapside to meet his wife at Mr. Savills. This gives us evidence for the location of the painter's workshop which is now recorded as being on Cheapside.
  • Elizabeth sits for Mr. Savill.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth return home by coach.

Events for 5th December 1661:

  • Samuel sits for Mr. Savill
  • Samuel and William Batten work on Navy business at the Treasury Office
  • William Batten dines at home.
  • Batten returns to the Treasury Office.
  • William Penn dines with Pepys at his home.
  • Penn, Pepys and his wife travel to the Opera by coach.
  • Penn travels on to Whitehall by coach.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth attend a performance of Hamlet at the Opera.
  • The pair visit Jane Turner at her home.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth return home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 3rd December 1661.

Topic map for 4th December 1661.

Topic map for 5th December 1661.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

Places in the diary.

Dates in the diary.


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