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In the entry for 6th December 1661, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel meets friends at Westminster hall.
  • Samuel and friends drink wine at The Dog.
  • Samuel, Penn and Batten dine as guests of George Carteret at his lodgings in Whitehall Palace. According to L&M, this would be the lodgings granted to Carteret by his position as Vice Chamberlain, hence the location topic is named "Lodgings of the Vice Chamberlain". The lodgings are not within the confines of Whitehall Palace as shown in L&M, but are instead in the Great Court which adjoins the palace.
  • Signing of a contract. This is a charter granted to the East India company by the Crown. Pepys only says that the East India Company is represented by "govenors", but there are no names nor any numbers. For now I have only modelled the people that we know to be present (Pepys, Penn, Batten and Carteret as witnesses). The charter itself is modelled as an item (in the artifacts topic map) and is made the subject of this event and of the following discussion event.
  • A discussion with the King. Pepys, Penn, Batten and Carteret have a discussion with the King and the Duke of York in the Kings Closet. The Kings Closet is part of Whitehall Palace and so its location is modelled using a located-in relationship.
  • Samuel and the others return to Carteret's lodgings to complete their business. This is modelled as a working event.
  • Samuel speaks with the Lord Privy Seal in the Council Chambers. This is also modelled as a working event. Again the Council Chambers are a part of Whitehall Palace.
  • Pepys returns home by coach with Penn and Batten.

Topic map for 6th December 1661

Artifacts in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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