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The first entry covered today is for 7th December 1661 and requires the introduction of a new event type. The events modelled are:

  • Captain Ferrers and Emmanuel Luffe visit Samuel Pepys at home.
  • Emmanuel Luffe plays Samuel's theoboro (modelled as a performance event).
  • Ferrers and Luffe breakfast with Pepys.
  • When they leave, Samuel and Elizabeth discuss purchases for Elizabeth.
  • Meanwhile, Ferrers and Luffe have a run-in with some watermen at Tower Stairs. This is modelled as a conflict event that occurs during Samuel and Elizabeth's discussion event.
  • During the fight, Emmanuel Luffe receives a head wound. This is modelled as a new type of event - an injury event. The injury event type is subclassed from the health event type. Emmanuel Luffe is modelled as the injured party (a role subclassed from patient).
  • Luffe returns to Seething Lane and Elizabeth treats his wounds (the travelling event is implied).
  • Henry Moore and Samuel Pepys visit Ned Montagu at Worcester House but are unable to see him. This is modelled as a visit to Worcester House.
  • Pepys and Moore dine at Wilkinson's cookhouse.
  • Samuel works at the Privy Seal.
  • Samuel travels to the Navy Office by boat.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Captain Holmes arrives at the Navy office and he talks to Samuel. Amongst other things, Samuel hears of Holmes' opinion of Sir John Minnes. This is all modelled as a discussion event that occurrs during the preceding working event, with John Minnes as the subject of the discussion.
  • John Cox visits Samuel at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel returns home and writes a letter to his father. Again the travelling event is implied in the change of location for this event from the preceding event.

For 8th December, the following events are modelled:

  • Samuel receives a letter from William Smallwood, conveying Tom Trice's answer to Pepys' Chancery bill. This is modelled as a correspondence event between Smallwood and Pepys with the subject of the event being Pepys' Chancery bill.
  • Samuel dines at the Wardrobe with Lady Montagu.
  • Lady Montagu tells Samuel of the christening of William Rumbold's son Charles. The christening itsel is also modelled as a separate event.
  • Thomas Pepys (the brother) visits Samuel at his home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 7th December 1661.

Topic map for 8th December 1661.

Core ontology for the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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