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Events recorded in the topic map for 1st February 1662 are:

  • Samuel and Commissioner Pett work together at the Navy Office
  • Samuel and William Penn discuss moving Penn's son to Cambridge...
  • ...while Commissioner Pett continues working
  • At some point during this time, William Penn tells Samuel that he has received news from Sir Edward Montagu of the destruction of the enemy fleet at Algiers by a storm.
  • Pepys and Pett visit Mr. Savill (to admire Pepys' portraits)
  • The pair dine at the Wardrobe with Jemima Montagu
  • Samuel passes on the news from Sir Edward to Jemima Montague
  • Pepys and Pett return to the Navy office and continue working.
  • Samuel returns home and writes letters to his father, to his brother John, and to Dr William Fairbrother. We know from the diary entry that the reason for the latter is to find out about a Mr. Burton at Magdalene college, Cambridge.

This entry shows some interesting event relationships. Penn receives news from Sir Edward Montagu by letter, the subject of this "correspondence-event" is the "Destruction of the enemy fleet at Algiers". This destruction is itself an event and is then used as the subject role player in an event-subject association for the event representing the correspondence from Montagu to Penn; the event representing the passing of this news from Penn to Pepys; and for the event representing the passing of the news from Pepys to Lady Montagu. Thus we have a single anchor that ties together all of the events allowing the relationship between them to be shown more clearly in the topic map.

Additionally there is a cause-effect relationship between the discussion between Penn and Pepys on the subject of Penn's son and the letter written by Samuel to Dr. Fairbother on the subject of Hezekiah Burton.

The entry for 2nd February 1662 is more straightforward:

  • Pepys attends the morning service at St. Olave
  • Samuel and Elizabeth dine at home
  • The pair then attend the afternoon service at St. Olaves (given by an 'Oxford man' of whom Pepys has a suitably low opinion ;-)
  • The rest of the day is spent in reading and supper.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 1st February 1662.

Topic map for 2nd February 1662.

People in the diary.


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