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Events modelled in 3rd February 1662:

  • Samuel practices his music at home. This is modelled as a recreation event with Samuel Pepys playing the generic role "participant".
  • Pepys, Penn and Batten work at the Navy Office.
  • A dinner at the Batten's home attended by Samuel, Mrs Mills and Mrs Shipman. Although others may have been present, only the named attendees are modelled.
  • Mrs Shipman drinks a toast, that Samuel estimates to be a pint and a half of wine, to the health of the Battens. It would seem that binge-drinking is not a new British disease...
  • Pepys, Batten and George Carteret return to the Navy Office to do more work.
  • Pepys returns to the William Batten's. This is modelled as a visiting event.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth (amongst others - thought the others are not named and so are not modelled) sup with Robert Holmes. We are told that Holmes' lodgings are at Trinity House and so this additional fact is also modelled.
  • Samuel and Elizabeth return home.

Events for 4th February 1662:

  • Samuel visits Westminster Hall. We know no more about what he did there.
  • Samuel dines with Benjamin Templer and Sir John Crew at Crew's residence.
  • A subpoena is served on Sameul by an unamed person on behalf of Edward Field.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office...
  • ...and then returns home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 3rd February 1662.

Topic map for 4th February 1662.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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