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Three more days entries posted today, taking us to the end of February 1662.

Events modelled for 26th February 1662 :

  • Samuel works with John Birchensha on a composition. This is modelled as a recreation event.
  • Samuel pays monies owed to Joshua Kirton.
  • Samuel settles a debt to William Joyce.
  • Sam meets with and misrecognises an unamed man from the Navy Office. Only the meeting is modelled here.

For 27th February 1662 :

  • Samuel and John Birchensha argue about Birchensha's music theories.
  • Samuel spends the morning writing down what he has learned from Birchensha.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Sam works on his correspondence at home.

Finally, for 28th February 1662:

  • Sam and William Penn travel to Whitehall Palace by coach.
  • Samuel delivers a map of Tangiers to James Stuart. The map was sent by Sir Edward Montagu and was created by one Martin Beckman. Beckman's position in the employ of Montagu has been modelled as an office-holding event, where the office is ommitted as we are not told the nature of his position.
    The map has been modelled as a topic, allowing a text-subject association to connect the map with the territory depicted (Tangiers) and a new created-by association to connect the map with Beckman.
  • Sam travels to Mr. Savill's by boat.
  • At Mr. Savills, Samuel sits for his portrait.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Henry Moore visits Pepys at home.
  • Sam works at the Navy Office and while there receives salary (modelled as a payment-event).
  • Sam returns home and beats his servant Wayneman Birch.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 26th February 1662.

Topic map for 27th February 1662.

Topic map for 28th February 1662.

Cultural artifacts in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.


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