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Two more entries posted today.

In the entry for 1st April 1662, there is a sequence of events worth noting for the way in which the temporal relationships are modelled. The sequence starts when Pepys, Paulina Montagu and others attend a performance of "The Maid in the Mill". During the performance, Paulina Montagu is taken ill, so Pepys takes her to the Grange (a nearby tavern) where she "did what she had a mind to", and then the pair return to the play. This gives us the following events:

  1. A performance of "The Maid in the Mill"
  2. Paulina Montagu's illness
  3. Samuel and Paulina Montagu travel from the Opera to the Grange
  4. Samuel and Paulina Montagu return from the Grange to the Opera

(1) is the wrapper event that events (2) - (4) all occur during, but (4) can be said to occur after the end of (2), so we have the following event relationships:

  • (2) occurs during (1)
  • (3) occurs during (1) and is caused by (2)
  • (4) occurs during (1) and occurs after (2)

New and updated topic maps

Topic map for 1st April 1662

Topic map for 2nd April 1662

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