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Definitely an experience to file under the "it just works" category. Upgrading from my old old old installation of MoveableType to Wordpress was almost totally painless. There were only a couple of small "gotchas" that I haven't quite got around to fixing yet.

Firstly my collaborator on the Pepys topic map stuff, Stuart Brown has lost his credit on his posts. For some reason the importer decided that all posts has been written by Stu and I had a choice of either going through and manually editing each post by hand or just assigning them all to me. Always one to take the easy way out I opted for the latter. Sorry Stu! Still, if he is that upset, I can always let him come on over and do the manual editing, eh ?

Secondly the RSS feed will move so those of you who have a subscription will need to update your readers to look at the feed for posts or for comments (or both!) . I'll see if I can force some sort of redirect through the magic of .htaccess, but hey what did I just say about always taking the easy way ?

The theme is "Love The Orange" for which my thanks go to the creators at Web Design Creatives.

I really like the editing interface in WP - spell checking and a nice WYSIAWYG HTML editor will mean I have fewer excuses for producing poorly written garbage. The whole admin interface is neat and intuitive and possibly my only gripe so far is that I can't find a quick way to bulk edit more than the 15 posts you can display on a single page. And WP supports more ways to get a post up than my venerable MT isntallation did. Speaking of which, if anyone has any tips on good tools for posting to WP (from desktop and/or from a Symbian-based phone) please let me know in the comments section!


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