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Its a pleasure to announce the first release of Metatribble, an attempt to implement some of the concepts of semantic annotation that I talked about in a previous post. Metatribble is currently packaged as a Ubiquity command and right now doesn't do an awful lot except for mark up interesting entities with RDFa, but even just that is kinda cool :-)

To this stage the project has been a collaboration between myself and Inigo Surguy, but making use of the tremendous work done by Jeni Tennison on the rdfquery plugin for jQuery - we are truely standing on the shoulders of giants here. We would welcome any comments/suggestions/offers of help.

Links to the project and its source code and the installer for Ubiquity can all be found on the Metatribble project homepage.

BTW We are designating this release a zeta because the concept of "beta" has been somewhat devalued by beta-ware such as gmail, we feel we need to wrap around the alphabet.


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