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It was a chilly, but thankfully beautifully sunny January day when I shot the lovely Nina Jade in London.

After meeting up at Victoria, we went on an exploration of the posher western parts of London. The winter light was low and golden, giving great opportunities for shooting with the sort of natural light that makes images really come to life:

/photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon03.thumbnail.jpg

One of the nice things about shooting outdoors is that you have access to an unlimited collection of backdrops. We found this great little blue door down a side-street, as well as the obligatory red telephone box a little further on:

/photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon05.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon06.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon07.thumbnail.jpg

Nina Jade is a fantastic model to work with. Despite the cold, she really gave everything to the shoot and was a joy to work with. We went through several different variant looks and must have walked a good 4 or 5 miles from one location to another.

/photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon08.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon09.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon10.thumbnail.jpg
/photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon11.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon12.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon13.thumbnail.jpg

Pretty much everything was shot on the Sony A7RII using a Leica 90mm Elmarit-M which really does render incredibly lovely images. There is a roll of 120 film sitting in the fridge waiting to be processed too...

The final shots of this post are maybe my favourites - all B/W conversions, of course!

/photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon04.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon14.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NinaJade/NinaJadeLondon15.thumbnail.jpg


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