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Oxford provides some perfect backdrops for a pre-raphaelite "communing with nature" shoot, and the incredible, expressive Roswell Ivory is the perfect model to shoot this style with.

One of the joys of photography for me is working with a selection of different tools to produce different looks. For the first part of the shoot, I used old polaroid film which with its weird colour shifts and distressed grainy rendition gives the two images a real feel of other-worldliness. A Natursgeist (Nature Spirit) in the heart of Oxford:

/photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory02.thumbnail.jpg

For the second part of the shoot we moved to University Parks where I switched to a medium format Hasselblad loaded with modern Portra film. The combination of the razor sharp lens and the modern colour film give these images a bit more bite, but I feel that they still retain something of a painterly quality. Something which I tried to emphasise in the post-processing of the scanned images.

/photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory03.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory04.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory05.thumbnail.jpg
/photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory06.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Conceptual/RoswellIvory/RoswellIvory07.thumbnail.jpg


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