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October weather can be very much a hit or miss affair for outdoor shoots. Fortunately, this shoot with Natasha Chick was in the glorious autumn sun.

Natasha is such an incredibly versatile model that we were able to really vary the look and feel of each set in this shoot just through choice of location and wardrobe. Our little tour around Oxford started off in the centre of the town by the Sheldonian Theatre, the perfect backdrop for some simple fashion looks:

/photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha03.thumbnail.jpg

From there it was on to University Parks to make the most of the autumn leaves. The second of these three shots is one of my favourites. I have it printed and framed - it really works nicely as wall-art!

/photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha04.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha05.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha06.thumbnail.jpg

In the back of the park a clearing with a felled tree made for a great place to experiment with a slightly more "country" look:

/photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha07.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha08.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha09.thumbnail.jpg

Returning to the town we took the opportunity to take a few more "street" fashion shots:

/photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha10.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha11.thumbnail.jpg

By this time the sun was going down, casting wonderful long shadows down the length of the street. When you have light like that you just have to grab it!

/photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha12.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/NatashaChick/Tasha13.thumbnail.jpg


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