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It's always enjoyable shooting with Adelaide. I love shooting with models who have a creative flare and a collaborative attitude and Adelaide has both those things in spades. Having shot quite a bit of fashion together this time we tried a few different styles and approaches on a home shoot.

Warning: A few NSFW images follow

Our first set was fashion/glamour style with high-key lighting and Adelaide sporting a femme-fatale look.

/photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide02.thumbnail.jpg

With a change of lighting we got a much more film noir feel. I love the way that Adelaide moves from glamorous to tortured and back with just hands and facial expression.

/photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide03.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide04.thumbnail.jpg
/photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide05.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide06.thumbnail.jpg

Back to colour again and this time two different lingerie sets. Once again the versatility of this lovely model shines through.

/photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide07.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide08.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Fashion/Adelaide/Adelaide09.thumbnail.jpg


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