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This is a retrospective post from my trip to Japan a while back. I travelled in Japan for 5 weeks, staying mostly in Airbnb places with Japanese hosts, trying out my Japanese and generally soaking in the atmosphere. This post contains images from my first two days which were spent in Tokyo.

I had chosen to stay in a hotel for those two days mainly to give myself chance to get over any jetlag, but I think actually the excitement of the place just kept me going. Anyway, off the plane and my first night was spent in Shinjuku, wandering around taking some street photography of the busy night-time streets.

Shinjuku at night Shinjuku at night Sewing machine repairs...still open! Crossing Shinjuku at night

The next day I spent wandering the city, from a local temple and a flea market in a nearby park to the stunning grandeur of the Meiji shrine.

/photography/Travel/Tokyo/06_temple01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/07_temple02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/09_market01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/10_meiji_shrine01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/11_meiji_shrine02.thumbnail.jpg

At the Meiji shrine it was a busy day for weddings...I was amazed to see a London taxi as the wedding car though!

/photography/Travel/Tokyo/12_wedding01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/13_wedding02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/14_wedding03.thumbnail.jpg

I rounded off my day in Harajuku, found a random art-school exhibition and hung out with the hipsters at Deus coffee.

/photography/Travel/Tokyo/15_harajuku01.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/16_harajuku02.thumbnail.jpg /photography/Travel/Tokyo/17_art_exhibit01.thumbnail.jpg


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