1. Introduction

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What Is TMTab ?

What Is TMTab ?

TMTab is a Tab-Widget plugin and base ontology for Protégé-2000 which allows the user to create and populate an ontology which may then be exported as an XTM format Topic Map. Currently, TMTab only supports the export of ontologies which are derived from its own base topic map ontology. However, the TMTab topic map ontology has some flexible featues which should make a mapping an existing ontology into the TMTab topic map ontology relativey straightforward.

In addition to providing a base ontology for topic maps, TMTab allows topic map ontology designers to express constraints on their topic map ontology and for those constraints to be enforced by Protégé. The TMTab topic map ontology also supports the author by enabling a number of short-cut mechanisms, such as the ability to define an association between two instances by simply making one a slot-value of the other.

TMTab is experimental software and is released now for the purpose of community evaluation only. Feedback on TMTab would be gratefully received by the author.