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In today's entry there is just one new addition to the ontology. The events modelled are as follows:

  • Samuel works at the Navy Office.
  • Samuel and Henry Moore visit a coffee house (that is not named) and discuss the recent storms and the damage caused. I have not modelled the subject of this discussion for the time being.
  • At some point during the day, Samuel reads a statement written by Charles Sackville regarding the murder that he is accused of. To model this, I have introduced a new association type "text-subject", and modelled Charles Sackville's statement (which is published) as a text, and the murder as the text subject.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • The Hunts visit the Pepys.
  • Samuel works at the Navy Office again.
  • Samuel has supper at home.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 25th February 1662.

Core ontology for the diary.

Two more entries posted today. The entry for 23rd February 1662 is quite short with only two events:

  • Samuel reads more of Fuller's 'A History of the worthies of England'.
  • William Penn sups with Samuel at his home.

The entry for 24th February 1662 models the following events:

  • Samuel takes a music lesson from John Birchensha.
  • Samuel pays 5l. for the lessons he has had in the last month. This is modelled as the new 'payment' event described in this post.
  • Samuel visits Mr Savill to 'set again for my picture in little' - I'm not sure if this means that Sam is sitting for a miniature to be painted or if it is related to the financing of the original portraits. For now I have simply modelled this as a visit.
  • Samuel visits John Birchensha at his home in Soutwark. Where the pair discuss and play more music.
  • Samuel dines at home.
  • Samuel chastises Will Hewer before his wife. To model this, I have created one participation association for Samuel chastising Will and a separate one for Elizabeth playing the role of 'audience'.

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 23rd February 1662

Topic map for 24th February 1662

Places in the diary.

Dates in the diary.

Two more entries posted today, both of which introduce new items to the ontology.

The entry for 21st February records the fact that Sam receives 80l. from Jaspar Trice. This is modelled as a "payment" event, with Samuel playing the role of recipient and Jaspar Trice playing the role of "payer". The sum paid is recorded as an occurrence of type "value" (previously used to record the value of items) on the payment event topic itself. So we have:

[event-16620221-04 : payment = "Samuel receives a payment from Jasper Trice (21st February 1662)";"16620221-04"]

occurs(event-16620221-04 : event, event-16620221-03 : during)

participation(event-16620221-04 : event,

samuel-pepys : recipient,

jasper-trice : payer)

{event-16620221-04, value, [[80l.]]}

In the entry for 22nd February 1662 we learn that a group of five men have been sent to Newgate Prison for the murder of a tanner in Stoke Newington. The murder itself is modelled as a new event of type "murder", with the alleged murderers playing the role "accused", the tanner playing the role "victim" and the place "Stoke Newington" playing the role "scene". A more generalised event type of "crime" has also been created and both the new "murder" event type and the existing "theft" event type have been made subclasses of it.

[event-16620222-11 : murder = "Murder of a tanner in Newington";"16620222-11"]

occurs(event-16620222-11 : event, event-16620222-10 : end)

participation(event-16620222-11 : event,

thomas-wentworth : accused,

john-belasyse : accused,

henry-belasyse : accused,

edward-sackville : accused,

charles-sackville : accused,

unamed-tanner : victim,

newington : scene)

The gaoling of the five men is recorded as a separate event of type "imprisonment" with the murder event playing the role "charge" (meaning that the charge on which the men are imprisoned is for the crime described by the murder event); the men play the role "imprisoned" and "Newgate Prison" plays the role "gaol".

[event-16620222-10 : imprisonment = "Imprisonment of the Sackvilles, Belasyses and Thomas Wentworth on a charge of murder (22nd February 1662)";"16620222-10"]

occurs(event-16620222-10 : event, today : end)

participation(event-16620222-10 : event,

thomas-wentworth : imprisoned,

john-belasyse : imprisoned,

henry-belasyse : imprisoned,

edward-sackville : imprisoned,

charles-sackville : imprisoned,

newgate : gaol,

event-16620222-11 : charge)

New and updated topic maps:

Topic map for 21st February 1662

Topic map for 22nd February 1662

Core ontology for the diary.

Dates in the diary.

People in the diary.

Places in the diary.